VIDEO: Joy as deaf baby hears for first time

VIDEO: Joy as deaf baby hears for first time

Seven-week-old Lachlan was born without the gift of hearing. He was diagnosed shortly after birth as having moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. The moment he hears for the first time is just priceless.


The video you're about to see is baby Lachlan's reaction when, thanks to a hearing aid, he experiences the sense of hearing for the very first time.

His world of complete silence is transformed the second the doctor fits and switches on his hearing aid.

It truly is amazing.

As you'd expect, Lachlan goes from complete shock, to confusion, and then finally, to the most precious smile 

Lachlan is now two years old, according to his parents, he is doing extremely well.

Shortly after the receiving his hearing aids, he started speech therapy.

The Drive Team agrees this is one of the most beautiful videos we have seen. 

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