VIDEO: Another disastrous marriage proposal!

VIDEO: Another disastrous marriage proposal!

The jury’s out on whether this was an elaborate publicity stunt or not, but it's still well worth the watch.


Oh dear, oh dear! Guys, if you want to pop the question, the sentiment online is, think twice before you do it in public. A devastated Romeo in Dubai is nursing a broken heart and a bruised head, after his Juliet turned down his marriage proposal in public.

He and his lady love were strolling through a shopping mall, when they walked up to a group of buskers. He picks up a microphone and in front of everyone, proceeds to declare his undying love for her. She clearly is highly embarrassed, muttering under her breath, “Oh my god everyone's watching.”

During his drawn-out speech he tells his self-conscious girlfriend, “You are my charm, you are my sweetie pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything.” His sentimental public confession is interrupted momentarily when a mall train carrying a few shoppers enters the scene.

After it makes its way out of the picture, the brave young man proceeds to get down on one knee, much to the shock and horror of his girlfriend. Watch the video to see what happens to our hapless romantic! Poor chap…


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