Travelling with co-workers - bad idea?

Travelling with co-workers - bad idea?

You think you know someone and then you go on tour with that person. Let’s just say spending more than eight hours a day with your colleague can be a little uncomfortable, says Natarah.


I only now understand why work hours are restricted to eight hours a day.

One shouldn’t really spend more time than necessary with their colleagues from the office. 
Going on tour with Darren and the Breakfast team has been an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Here are a few reasons why: 
1. Darren is chicken. Mr Maule who claims he cannot refuse a dare no matter what, is a bit of a scaredy-cat. He was the one who put my name in the hat instead of his when a biking club offered to ride us into NewcastleAll Grandpa Darren did was munch on his breakfast banana as he hopped back on the bus. 


2. It seems Good Guy Gabe should change his name to Gorgeous Guy Gabe. Who knew our teammate had more metrosexual powers than David Beckham himself? Gabe really impressed us with his jam-packed toiletry bag. He goes through 21 essential grooming tools and creams before leaving home each morning. Imagine what time he’s got to get up for our 6am show?

3. K-K-K-Kevin really needs change from being a ‘yes’ man. While we understand our stunt guy needs to prove himself on the show, he should also think about the consequences of his actions before agreeing to every, single, challenge we throw at him. For instance, did you really forget to take your Speedo to Richards Bay? Those blue undies were quite an eyesore darling. 

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