To those who think women can’t multitask…

To those who think women can’t multitask…

So everyone's been dumping criticism on this travelling mum, who decided to breastfeed her little one while weaving through traffic on her motorcycle. What would you have done?


It seems this Chinese mum was in too much of a hurry to stop before feed her baby. The woman, who’s been dubbed the ‘queen of multitasking’, was photographed feeding her baby while riding her motorcycle on a busy street recently.

Eye witnesses say they saw the very busy mum carrying her child while steering the bike in Henan province. The boy, who appeared to be about 18-months old, began crying, obviously wanting some attention from mum.

Instead of pulling over to take care of the little one, she immediately lifted up her T-shirt and began breastfeeding him with one hand on the motorcycle handlebar.

She was pulled over by traffic cops who gave her a stern warning before letting her drive off again.

(ABOVE: This picture was taken by a shocked motorist)


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