PHOTOS: Spotted, UFO in KZN!

PHOTOS: Spotted, UFO in KZN!

Hundreds of South Africans have been talking about the UFO that made its way across our skies last night. Does the thought of aliens walking among us freak you out? Check out the photos here.


The buzz online this morning is the very strange and creepy UFO that made an appearance in the night sky.

The bizarre thing is that people across South Africa saw it at the same time, no matter where they were last night!

That was around 7pm in KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State, Limpopo, the North West and Gauteng.

Here in KZN, residents in Southport on the lower south coast, Port Edward, Margate and on the north coast in Ballito witnessed the slow-moving phenomenon. One person described it as, "the strangest light in the sky I have ever seen. At first it appeared like a very large star then appeared to grow a large halo around it." The south coast resident went on to say the strange light was, "most definitely not a flare or Chinese lantern."

Saloshnee says the light, "looked like the moon with a star in the middle. The circle moved and got bigger." She says it then disappeared and, "went straight up, sparks were coming out of it. The clouds then blocked it."

Deshni sent us this photo below. She says, "my whole Family saw this mysterious sighting. It was absolutely apectacular!

(Above: Deshni's pic)

One person in Klerksdorp, in the North West said, "I noticed a flying object looking like a satellite but it had a bright glowing light around it and it moved very slowly in a easterly direction. The spherical glowing light was about the size of the moon when I first saw it and got bigger and dimmer as it moved along."

(Above: Photo by Renier Swart in the North West Province)

(Above: R. Van Tonder sent this photo in from Westbrook Beach)

In East London, one person saw, "a bright star with a halo (mist) type thing around it almost the size of the moon. The aura seem[s] to be growing in diameter – we watched it for about 10 mins and the aura grew about 7 times in size and we looked through the binoculars and there seemed to be a little star in the nucleus which was bouncing around inside – disappearing at times."

This star gazer in Pretoria actually heard something saying, "The “star” moved behind some clouds, when suddenly a loud rotating grinding sound came from the sky in the direction of the where the star was."

Did you get a glimpse of the UFO? Upload your photos on The Breakfast Stack Facebook fan page.

- Natarah Nadesan

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