The only home I know is South Africa

The only home I know is South Africa

Carol Ofori, whose husband is originally from Ghana, weighs in on the ongoing xenophobic attacks in KZN.


My husband is originally from Ghana. 

He has been in South Africa since he was a toddler. 

It was so painful to hear him say to me last night: "The only home I know is South Africa". 

The xenophobic attacks affect me personally as my sweet #BabyO is half Ghanaian and half South African.

I pray all the anger and resentment is dispelled and Africans can learn to love one another for the betterment of the entire continent. 

Having travelled Africa and been to countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria and Botswana I really believe that more South Africans need to travel the beautiful continent and expose themselves to the true love and culture that thrives in Africa. 

We may not all agree with each other or even like each other but surely violence and killings are no answer to our prosperity and growth. 

On the show today at 10.30, I spoke to comedian and filmmaker David Kau, who has been vocal on the issue.

Listen to the podcast below: 

I can't agree more with the sentiment he expressed in this Instagram post: 



(Thumbnail photo: Police monitor the situation in the Durban CBD following violent looting there yesterday. Photo by Anelisa Kubheka) 

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