Mick Fanning shark attack: Leaked footage

Mick Fanning shark attack: Leaked footage

Shocking footage has leaked, which might help researchers track down the shark believed to have attacked Mick Fanning at the J-Bay Open on Sunday.


Three-time world champion Mick Fanning fought off the shark at the J-Bay Open on Sunday.

The Australian was a finalist in the competition when a curious shark arrived for a little visit.

The terrifying incident was caught live on television with the clip going viral within seconds.

Fanning was rescued from the water, with the J-Bay Open Final called off shortly afterwards.

The Drive Team has since managed to find leaked footage, which might assist researchers in tracking down the shark suspected of the attack.

It turns out the shark might have come from as far as Germany.

In fact, it turns out it might not have even been a shark.

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