Fashion trends you hate

Fashion trends you hate

A retail outlet asked Brits what fashion trends they hate the most. The Breakfast Stack team kind of agrees with all of these. Share the local fashion trends you hate with us here.


A retail outlet asked Brits what fashion trends they hate the most. We kind of agree with all of these.

We are asking you; what local fashion trends do you want to see the end of? 

Self expression is one thing, but we seem to have taken it to new extremes. Interestingly, it amazes us how many celebrities, with all their cash, all their stylists, and all their consultants, happily dress like idiots!  

Before we get to our Top 10 Local Fashion trends you hate, here is the list from the Brits. 

The Bumbag! These should only be allowed at Flea Markets and on the thighs of hippies who were actually at Woodstock!

Harem Pants! No self respecting Harem would allow these in! 


Low Slung Pants! Best friend to crackheads and crackpots. We really loathe these pants! 

MC Hammer Pants! No one gets these! 


Platforms for Men! Or "The Tom Cruise". No matter how big the heel, if you are short, you will still be short when you take off your shoes!


The Shell Suit! Preferred by serial killers and  meth cookers worldwide!


The trucker hat! Please, you can pretend to be working class, but you're just not!

The Scrunchie! Why? What is it? 


The Velour Tracksuit! Has a larny name, but looks kak!



Which local fashion trends do you hate? Let us know in the comments' section below, or email [email protected].


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