Fan sugar-bombs Maroon 5's Adam Levine

Fan sugar-bombs Maroon 5's Adam Levine

Watch footage of a fan throwing powdered sugar all over an unsuspecting Adam Levine during an autograph signing session.


I have always said Adam Levine is yummy - and yes, Maroon 5 sings about sugar - but that doesn’t mean he should have been slammed with a bag of icing sugar while signing autographs outside the Jimmy Kimmel studio - where he was on his way to perform Sugar live. 

Anyone that thinks being a celeb is fabulous needs to take a look at this.

Sure, celeb status comes with fine trappings but you can clearly see by Adam’s energy and body language (even before the powder sugar bomb is thrown) that it comes with a downside. 

The guy who threw the unwelcome surprise was hauled out of the crowd and you even see Adam walking towards where he is – almost like he’d like to have words with him. 

The fan has subsequently been charged with battery. 

Adam made no mention of the sugar bomb while live with Jimmy – he instead dusted down and the show went on: what a pro! 

Watch the arrest below. 

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