Do Facebook 'likes' reveal the real you?

Do Facebook 'likes' reveal the real you?

New research suggests that the way we share and like on social networks reveals our 'true' personalities. Seriously?


I came across this headline "Facebook likes reveal your true personality: study" and my immediate reaction was huh, WTF, excuse me what?

So I continued reading and according to this study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is believed that through data analysis, computers can be a better judge of people's personalities and psychological traits than one's closest friends or family. 

The researchers said that they found that a person's psychological profile could be revealed by which pages they 'liked' i.e if you liked a page on meditation, it suggests a high degree of openness.

This made me think back to when last I liked something on Facebook.

I've been on Facebook since circa 2007 from MySpace and I remember when you set up your account it would ask you about your likes. I randomly clicked on a bunch of things and I was done. Now, fastforward to 2015 and I still don't remember what my Facebook likes are. So if the computer had to analyse me, it would fail dismally at revealing my true personality.

So if we had to do an analysis of you using your photos, statuses and which statuses you like or share on Facebook, what would that say about your personality?


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