Best of Trending Tonight: 9 September

Best of Trending Tonight: 9 September

Sirshin tackles a serious issue for domestic staff and a widower was awarded a massive payout because of three missed flights...


There are plans to ensure that domestic staff will be allowed to claim from the Compensation Fund if injured on the job.

The Unemployment Insurance Act, which included the extension of worker maternity benefits and the extension of the claim period, was also being reviewed. Benefits would apply to South African domestic workers and legal foreign nationals working locally.

What would you say if you were asked to pay towards the fund if you employed a domestic staff member?

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A widower has settled a R60 million lawsuit with 3 airlines after his late wife was deemed 'too fat to fly'( She weighed 189 kgs).

She died 9 days after missing the flights to NY where she was scheduled to visit her doctor. Some say the airlines were within their rights to deny her access while others say they need to pay up.

Should "morbidly obese" passengers be rejected if the airline company deems them unfit to accommodate because of their weight?

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