Best movies of the last 20 years

Best movies of the last 20 years

We’re counting down 20 years of Freedom in 20 days - from today! The Breakfast team share their most memorable movies over the last 20 years. Take a look.

When we posed the question ‘What are your best movies over the past 20 years?’
Darren, Natarah and Gabriel started to take us down their movie memory lane! 
This is what they had to say: 
The first thing that jumped out to Darren was the 1994 classic movie called Interview with a Vampire.
‘I remember the brouhaha in 1994 around who got top billing in Interview with a Vampire 
So if you remember Tom Cruise got top billing for that but his character in the movie was a support character. 
Brad Pitt was very upset because he was the lead in the movie but that was not reflected. 
So the poster should have said Interview with a vampire with Brad Pitt but it didn’t it said Interview with a Vampire with Tom Cruise.
Brad Pitt was very upset about this and made a big fuss about it, even Tom Cruise made a big fuss about it about who is the actual leading man in the film
Then Brad Pitt in just five short years churned out classics like Legends of the fall, Seven, 12 Monkeys and Flight Club
That was all Brad Pitt!
Trailer: Interview with a Vampire 

Natarah shares her childhood movie memories with us. 
'For some reason, we didn’t get to watch The Lion King at the cinema.
I remember my dad bought us the video but we were only allowed to watch it after exams.
By the end of the holidays, that cassette was ruined and we knew all the songs and dialogue from the film!
Then of course there is Titanic - my all time favourite movie!  
I remember that my dad ruined Titanic for me. He had watched the film before I did and mentioned in church that Leo didn’t make it in the end.
You can imagine how loud that collective sigh from the congregation was!'
Take a look at the classic movie trailer - Titanic:

Gabriel shares why The Lion King, Men of Honor and The Lord of The Rings means something to him: 
'It was my first time ever being in a cinema to watch The Lion King. Interestingly enough did not understand 80% of the movie dialogue...I didn’t speak English at the time.
Men Of Honor is a great inspiration to succeed against all odds - particularly against racism. No matter how small you are, you can influence change in the world.
And finally The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy changed the way story-telling is done in movies.
Everything was mind blowing, from the cast, cinematography, wardrobe, Special FX, CGI, original music composition, location.'
Trailor: The Lion King 3D - Bloopers Outtakes:

What are your best movies over the past 20 years?

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