Be happier in five simple steps

Be happier in five simple steps

It's pretty safe to say we're all looking for happiness. The Drive Team has found research that proves happiness is just five simple steps away. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.


Most of us think happiness lies in earning more money, travelling the world, having the perfect job or even having children.

According to a professor at the London School of Economics, making simple changes is the key to lasting happiness.

Professor Paul Dolan says most of the things we think make us happier are just fleeting and do not really last.

For instance, that promotion at work might mean more money, but it also might mean more hours, extra stress and a longer commute.

Prof Dolan has listed five ways to be happier every day:

1. Listen to your favourite piece of music.
2. Go outdoors.
3. Help someone else.
4. Spend five more minutes with someone you like.
5. Have a new experience.

Speaking at The Hay Festival in Wales recently, Prof Dolan said: “It’s important to change what you do, not how you think. You should listen to music that you like listening to. Spend five minutes more with someone you like and go outdoors. And helping someone is important. It’s a great source of happiness for you. And having a new experience is really important." 

How do you rate the above advice? 

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[Source: The Telegraph]

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