3 things Darren learned from travelling

3 things Darren learned from travelling

Darren learned three things about himself that he would never have 'gotten' if he didn't get away...


So we now know that one of the most valuable things to learn while travelling is how amazing our own country/province/city/home really is.

You know; it's great to get away but it's better to get back.

For me, an unexpected revelation this year after becoming quite the seasoned traveller (Zambia, Switzerland and The East Coast Breakfast Tour) is how much I have learned about myself.

1. Necessity is the mother of inventive packing. I now know that I know how to travel light: One shoulder bag and a roll on carry-on bag makes sure that nothing is lost and that everything you need is with you by your side at every part of the journey. It also forced me to only pack the essentials. You probably won't need that can opener if you're staying in hotels. Soap, shampoo and hair dryers are normally provided for you. And Natarah, you don't need to pack the kitchen sink.

2. They like us! They actually really like us! Most foreigners have a fabulous impression of South Africa, in fact many are envious. Not just because of the plethora of leisure options, or the weather or the weak rand, but mostly it's about our warm and welcoming nature. Our laid back and open for anything outlook on people and life. These foreigners were referring to YOU and not me of course.

3. Zzzzz are good. I have found that when you are tired enough, you can and will sleep just about anywhere. After spending a small fortune on my Chiropractic-ally approved King-size extra-length bed with its 1400 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets... I did not think I would be able to sleep anywhere else. Nope, don't underestimate the soporific powers of exertion and adventure.

So if, like me, you can't fit your baggage in your luggage - leave it behind and happy travels.

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