Jake plans Sharks changes

Jake plans Sharks changes

Sharks coach, Jake White, has indicated he will commit himself to the franchise for the next 3 years.


White will be making a few changes to the team's training methods to achieve his goal of seeing the Sharks taking the top spot in the Super Rugby rankings within the next few years.

"The side needs a bit more pace, which is why they have recently started a 5-week programme to improve on the side's speed," White said.

White feels that technically the Sharks are a very strong side and looks forward to working with the players to get the team functioning as a well oiled machine.

Another change White is taking seriously is the manner in which the players approach their training as professional athletes.

White has implemented a "normal business" working hours approach for his side, saying as professional athletes the players need to treat their job as any other person in the working world would.
White has a strict daily schedule the team will adhere to to ensure they are fully prepared for the upcoming season. The routine will include everything from eating regimes, on-field training, video analysis and recovery sessions daily.

White says that without this professional approach to the sport you will already be at a disadvantage going up against teams that are already implementing this type of strategy. 

White believes this professional approach may also attract players from elsewhere to the Sharks franchise.

Looking forward to the 2014 Super Rugby season, White feels if the side is properly managed, he has a squad that without a doubt can take the trophy.

"When you compare the Sharks players to the recent winners, The Chiefs, there is not much in it as far as quality of players is concerned," White said.

Cell C Executive Head of Marketing, Doug Mattheus, is very excited about their endorsement of the Sharks franchise.

Mattheus said that he wants the public image of the Sharks back to what it was a few years back and that there are many exciting opportunities for the public in the pipeline.

The Sharks are set to take on the Bulls for their first encounter under White.

They will meet on 15 February next year at Growthpoint King Park Stadium in Durban.

- Alain Tardin

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