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Brown rays biting near Wilson's Wharf

Durban harbour has been fishing well lately for the light tackle bait and artificial anglers with everything from grunter to cuttlefish jumping onto what was offered to them.

Along the Yacht Moll there are still a few kingfish around on artificial lures. Early morning seems to be the best time to attempt this using poppers and surface lures. There have been plenty of smaller stumpies coming out, as well as grunter. These fish are feeding on cacker shrimp, but often they peck the bait right off the hook. This means baby squid will definitely be the best bet.

For better results we suggest you grab some boots and wade the sandbanks around the channel. This is where the bigger fish are, but also where you may encounter those of the toothy kind. If you do decide to wade the banks, keep an eye on the tide as to not get stuck out on the banks, as often the only way back to the grass areas is through deeper channels and this can prove difficult if you have not given yourself enough time to get back. Also be warned that the harbour does contain Zambezi sharks.

Fishing off the boat there have been some decent grunter coming out on cracker. These fish are excellent fighters, but your tackle need not be heavy. A simple 10lb trace line, a number 6 hook and a 6’6” rod and 2000 size grinder to match is the weapons you will need for this fight. The grunter's mouth is very soft and this is the reason why we use such light tackle. You do not want to pull that fish too hard or you will tear the hook out.

There have also been a few Malabar rockcod coming out around the walls and under the ships. These fish are taking full baby squid on circle hooks. These hooks are used for an easy release. Anglers walking the banks on the Wilson's Wharf area have been reporting serious amounts of brown rays taking their baits, mainly cracker shrimp. Unfortunately the anglers fishing these areas are not using very heavy tackle and are either getting stripped or are pulling the hook.

(File Photo: Office of the KZN Premier)

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