Brisbane wins 2032 Olympic Games bid

Brisbane wins 2032 Olympic Games bid

As the cloud of Covid-19 clears enough for competition to start at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Australian East Coast city of Brisbane has been awarded the global showpiece for the 2032 edition.

Brisbane 2032

Brisbane will become the third Australian city to play host to the Games after Melbourne and Sydney and was elected as the sole candidate during the bidding process.

This decision completes the host venues for the next three editions of the Summer Games. Paris will host the Olympics in 2024 followed by Los Angeles in 2028 and then Brisbane four years after that.

"We know what it takes to deliver a successful Games," Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said via AFP.

Football and softball have begun the action at the Games two days before the opening ceremony, but despite the action the threat of an unprecedented outbreak of Covid-19 looms.

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told IOC members that they cannot eliminate risk but need to reduce it as much as possible.

"There is no zero risk in life; there is only more risk, or less risk. And you have done your best," he said via AFP.

"The mark of success in the coming fortnight is not zero cases... The mark of success is making sure that any cases are identified, isolated, traced and cared for as quickly as possible," he added.

In the first football match of the Game, Team USA were shocked in their opener when the Sweden women’s side beat them 3-0 breaking a 44-match unbeaten streak.

The South African delegation get their games underway on Thursday when the Under 23 football side take on Japan in their competition opener.


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