'Zombie drug' far worse than cocaine: SANCA

'Zombie drug' far worse than cocaine: SANCA

The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence has described the new 'zombie drug' as being much worse than cocaine.

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"It is a powerful drug. It's ten times worse than cocaine. We're looking at the effects  of this concoction," said SANCA's Walter Petersen.

The street drug also known as "Flakka" has hit parts of Durban, including Wentworth, Phoenix, Pinetown and Chatsworth.  

It causes hallucination and hysteria.  

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Petersen says Flakka's been made very accessible and is extremely dangerous.

"Whoever is involved with it needs attention. There is a mental instability that has developed as well as what one calls a normal addiction," he said. 

Petersen says medical attention will be needed for users of this drug, he explains further below.

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