Zim govt's Cape Town property goes under hammer

Zim govt's Cape Town property goes under hammer

Zimbabwean government property in Kenilworth, Cape Town, is going under the hammer today to recoup unpaid legal costs relating to a Southern African Development Community land grab ruling.


In 2008, the SADC Tribunal handed down a landmark ruling against Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe's dispossession of a group of commercial farmers' land, saying it was in contravention of applicable international law. 

The tribunal also ruled that the affected parties had not had a fair hearing, and that it was discriminatory because it applied to white farmers only.

After many fruitless attempts to get the Zimbabwe government to enforce the SADC Tribunal ruling in its own country, the tribunal ruled that its decision may be recognised and enforced in South Africa and that Zimbabwean government-owned property may be attached to recover legal costs.

The Zimbabwe government tried to have the costs order rescinded but was not successful. 

The property in 28 Salisbury Road is being auctioned off.

''When the auction takes place, it will be the first time in history that a decision of a human rights tribunal in Africa leads to the sale of a property of the country that has been guilty of human rights abuses at a public auction by the sheriff,'' AfriForum said.

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