Youth must 'play role to empower women'

Youth must 'play role to empower women'

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Judge Navi Pillay feels international cohesion is critical for empowering women.


Pillay says older women must teach the youth to care about issues affecting them. 

She'd been speaking at The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes Women's Month event in Mount Edgecombe, north of Durban yesterday. 

Pillay wants young women to learn how to articulate their needs.

"You know the Occupy Wall Street protest that happened after the banks collapsed, in my view, they were unable to articulate what it is they're protesting about.

"You come across that even here. Young people are not able to articulate what it is they are asking for," she said.

Ela Gandhi, the granddaughter of Mahatma Ghandi also attended the event. She feels women need to assert themselves. 

"No matter what position and business you are in, you can assert yourself but you can do that only if you have that information. You get empowered by knowledge," she said.

(Pictured above from the left: Ela Gandhi, curator Natacha Kunana, and Judge Navi Pillay)

(Photos: Portia Cele)

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