Young women remain most vulnerable to HIV

Young women remain most vulnerable to HIV

Young women in South Africa aged between 19 and 24 remain in the high-risk population groups for acquiring HIV compared to men. 

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That's according to the Human Sciences Research Council. 


The research agency's Professor Khangelani Zuma presented the key findings from South Africa's [sixth] HIV survey for 2022 on Monday.

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"There's still relays to the problem that we have been showing for a number of years that we have not yet been able to really deal with it decisively.


"The young girls having sexual contact with older people, we can see along the way that females have a higher risk compared to males and males start catching up later ages towards 45 years and above."      


Zuma said they've seen a slight decrease in the number of new infections among younger people.


"The numbers are actually dropping because if there were more new infections, the HIV prevalence in 2022 would have been higher, especially amongst the younger ones. The shift shows that there are fewer and fewer people below 40 years that are getting infected with HIV. So, this, in a way, shows a good picture that fewer and fewer people are getting infected by HIV."      


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