Work underway to restore uMngeni Municipality's roads

Work underway to restore uMngeni Municipality's roads

uMngeni Local Municipality officials say road infrastructure development remains a priority for them as work continues to fix and restore routes in the local municipality.

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Some R14 million was set aside for rehabilitation projects for the current financial year - an increase from the previous period's R7 million.

Motorists, frustrated over poor road conditions, have lodged numerous complaints and filed legal claims against the local municipality.

Mayor Sizwe Sokhela conducted an oversight visit recently.

He says repair work is well underway, especially along Currys Post Road.

"We visited Ogilvie Drive, Prospects Road and Currys Post Road. So the work is happening on the ground and the contractors are on the ground and much of the work has already been done.

"We will be moving from those roads to Howick CDB, Merrivale, Howick West and other areas as they are identified in our IDP. So this R14 million will take us somewhere." 

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