Woolies recalls ice creams, sorbets

Woolies recalls ice creams, sorbets

Woolworths is recalling 12 of its ice-cream and sorbet products as a precautionary measure - saying the peanut allergen labelling on the packaging may be inconsistent. 


The retail giant says all affected products have been removed from their store shelves nationally to as to not  potentially put customers at risk. 

Lemon Sorbet, Hazelnut Dairy Ice Cream, Mini Almond Solos and Italian kisses are some of  the items which have been recalled. 

Woolworths says the labelling which informs customers that the product was made in a factory which uses peanuts - was not included on some of the ice creams and sorbets. 

The retailer says the labels indicate products that could potentially contain food allergens, not as ingredients, but as a result of unavoidable cross-contact during production. 

Customers have been urged to return any of the products without the peanut allergen labelling for a full refund. 

The 12 product lines affected are:

6001009028259                 Extremely Creamy Madagascan Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream

6001009028167                 32 Italian kisses

6009178835104                 Extremely Creamy Pistachio Dairy Ice Cream

6009000541869                 Extremely Creamy Belgian Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream

6008000623667                 Slimmers Choice Fruit Sorbet Mini Lollies

6009000434499                 6 mini almond solos

6009000434482                 6 mini vanilla solos

6001009028297                 Mixed Berry Sorbet

6009175129008                 Granadilla Sorbet

6001009028280                 Mango Sorbet

6009182728621                 Hazelnut Dairy Ice Cream

6009178835012                 Lemon sorbet

Woolworths says no other ice-creams or other products are affected.

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