Wet weather warning to KZN drivers

Wet weather warning to KZN drivers

With summer just around the corner motorists are being urged to drive more carefully especially in wet weather conditions.

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Although parts of KwaZulu-Natal have experienced little to no rain in recent months, thunder showers are expected over most of the province later today. 

The Automobile Association says motorists should increase their following distance to allow more room for braking. 

The association's Layton Beard says reduced cornering speeds are also advised. 

He says drivers must also ensure their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition including replacing worn-out windscreen wipers.

''It's very important to check that your windscreen wipers are in a good condition and that they work properly. Also check that the demister in your vehicle is working properly because that can obviously impair visibility if it doesn't work correctly.

''The other thing that you need to do, very importantly, obviously check that the tread on your tyres is good and that there is enough tread on them to avoid aquaplaning and causes you to lose control of your vehicle,'' he said.

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