Water pipeline repairs underway in Ugu District
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Water pipeline repairs underway in Ugu District

Residents in Ugu have been asked to be patient as the municipality works to restore water supply to parts of the south coast.

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Areas including Margate, Manaba, Uvongo have been without water for a number of days.

Ugu District Municipality's Zimbini Mphukwana says technicians came across a worn-out valve while working on pipes in Margate.

"While the teams were working, remember some of the pipes in Margate are more than 50-years-old. This is one of them. When they were restoring - trying to close the valves - they realised that one of them is too old and the supplier that we are using doesn't manufacture those anymore,"  Mphukwana said.


Affected resident Isobell Hitchcock says she cannot cope under this situation.

"You cannot wash the laundry, you cannot cook, you cannot wash dishes. You cannot keep your hands hygienically clean, there's no running water. I think hygiene-wise, I'm pretty concerned," Hitchcock said.  

The municipality says water is expected is be running from today in some parts and tomorrow in other areas.

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