WATCH: Makro in Springfield ransacked

WATCH: Makro in Springfield ransacked

The Makro store in Durban’s Springfield area has been stripped as some looters move beyond helping themselves to just items on the store shelves.

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Steve Bhengu

Scenes of mass looting played at the Makro in Durban's Springfield area on Tuesday afternoon.

It was a hive of activity at the Springfield Park area, particularly at Makro.

Looters made off with trolleys and cases of items. 

Listen: Newswatch's Steve Bhengu filed this report: 

Along Umgeni Road, vehicles flanking on both directions, vehicles were stacked on the road for kilometres. 

Light and heavy motorcycles were seen loading to full capacity. 

Various items were looted, including TV scenes, food, clothing items and alcohol. 

After seemingly consuming the looted alcohol, some were seen lying in the middle of the road. 

Part of the metal and aluminium structures outside Makro were also torn apart.

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