WATCH: Dusi river off limits following major oil spill

WATCH: Dusi river off limits following major oil spill

Residents and paddlers are being advised to steer clear of the Umsunduzi River in Pietermaritzburg,  where there has been a massive oil spill.


It is understood over 1,600 cubic metres of fatty oils and caustic soda have entered the water in what has been described as the largest spill there in 30 years.

Organisers of the Dusi Canoe Marathon says investigations have since revealed that a local factory was the source.

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Spokesperson for the Dusi, Ray de Vries says a clean-up operation is already underway.

"Storage containers burst and the resultant floods all went down into the river," said De Vries.

He says the Duzi Umgeni Conservancy Trust (DUCT) was notified immediately.

The trust is the body that works with the Dusi Canoe Marathon to monitor the condition of the river.

"A massive clean-up operation is underway at the moment. We have seen lots of people get involved," said De Vries.

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