Warning to parents following Pretoria restaurant rape incident

Warning to parents following Pretoria restaurant rape incident

Operation Bobbi Bear is issuing a warning to the parents of young children.

child abuse - parent hits another parent's child

"Don't do it - don't let your children out of your sight. And definitely no sleepovers," The organisation's Jackie Branfield said. 

Branfield has been commenting after that deeply disturbing report from Pretoria - that a six-year-old girl was allegedly raped at a DROS restaurant over the long weekend.   

Some information in this story might not be suitable for sensitive listeners. 

According to the Citizen newspaper, the suspect had been watching the child for some time in the play area. The report says he then got up and followed her when she walked to the toilet.  He allegedly dragged her into the men's toilet before attacking her.  

The girl's mother who'd been looking for her daughter - apparently heard noises coming from the men's bathroom and demanded the door be opened.   

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The article says the 20-year-old suspect was arrested but not before he was assaulted by other customers.  The child is currently receiving counselling.  Branfield is outraged.

"Shame on you South Africa - what are we breeding up? What is happening? It is war on our children," Branfield said. 

Management at DROS has released a statement on the incident saying that police are investigating.  It's also offered support to the child and her family.

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