Video: High-speed chase in Umhlanga takes unexpected turn

Video: High-speed chase in Umhlanga takes unexpected turn

A high-speed chase in Umhlanga ended with a surprising twist after a stolen peacock emerged from the boot of a car.

High-speed chase in Umhlanga

On Monday, reaction officers from Marshall Security gave chase to three suspected car thieves on Umhlanga Rocks Drive after they had apparently attempted to steal a vehicle but managed to flee.


Marshall Security's Tyron Powell says once the suspects realised that they were being onto, they speed off subsequently losing control of their vehicle which rolled over before coming to a halt.

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"Further investigation of the suspect's vehicle, our team was surprised to come across a live Peacock in the boot. The Peacock was stolen earlier [on Monday] morning in the Malvern area.


"The Peacock, which appeared to be slightly injured, was carefully removed from the vehicle and handed over to local NPO Broken Wings for further care," says Powell.

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