Verulam rape victim cared for in safety house

Verulam rape victim cared for in safety house

A 10-year-old Verulam girl whose stepfather allegedly kept her captive for five years - repeatedly raping and assaulting her - is still being kept in a place of safety.   

child abuse - parent hits another parent's child

The case came before the Verulam Magistrate’s Court yesterday for the 43-year-old man charged with abusing the child - to appear via a video link from Westville Prison.  

It was adjourned until December for further investigations. The girl's mother and biological father are both dead but members of her extended family were at court. 

An aunt of the child - who’s been attending proceedings religiously - says she’s still in a place of safety.

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She says that the family is in contact with the Department of Social Development but that they’ve not been allowed to visit with the little girl just yet.

One of the charges levelled against the accused relates to his allegedly having prevented his stepdaughter from going to school but it’s understood that she has now been placed and is regularly attending classes.

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