Unrest business relief funding registration to close end of September

Unrest business relief funding registration to close end of September

Businesses still struggling after the looting two months ago have until 30 September to register for government relief.

A member of the Durban Metro Police looks at a looted retail store in central Durban, on July 11, 2021. Several shops are damaged and cars burnt in Durban, following a night of violence. Police are on the scene trying to control further protests. It is un

The National Treasury says a range of measures are being implemented by both national and provincial governments to help small and medium businesses rebuild.

The unrest in July affected mainly KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng and is said to have cost the country an estimated R50 billion.

Some businesses have either completely closed down or are still trying to recover.

Kerry Katz says her husband's knife welding business went up in flames when looters burnt down their storage unit in Waterfall.

"My husband does have a day job, but it literally just pays the rent and my and like one packet of groceries, so his knowing making equipment was our main income and knife making lessons on the weekends. So we are no making up."     

Zamanguni Mzimela from Umlazi owned a gas shop in a local mall.

She's told Newswatch it was her only source of income and has yet to find her feet again.

"I lost everything. It was hard because even right now, I am trying to get to funding as much as I can so that I can be able to rebuild. Even where I was working at the mall hasn't been rebuilt as yet." 

Affected businesses can register on www.relief4sa.co.za or call the toll-free number on 080 006 00850.

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