Umgeni Water Supply System dam levels takes marginal dip

Umgeni Water Supply System dam levels takes marginal dip

The Department of Water and Sanitation says KwaZulu-Natal's water supplies have not been affected by the marginal decline of dam levels within the Umgeni Water Supply System.

Umgeni water corruption

Albert Falls Dam, which supplies parts of the eThekwini Metro, has taken a dip from 48.9% to 48.5%.

The department's reported a slight decline of the Umgeni Water Supply System to 74.8%. Compared to the same period last year, the system was slightly lower at 63.5%.

The department's Sputnik Ratau says these changes are normal.

"The decline is expected because we have just moved out of the Winter, which is a dry season and obviously water use continuously even in Winter you would expect there to be a decline.

"But what we are looking forward to is that we should not a very hot summer and rather have more rain so that we can have a recharge of the systems much quicker and in a bigger way than what we are seeing at the moment."


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