UKZN suspends registration at Howard campus following fees protests

UKZN suspends registration at Howard campus following fees protests

Registration and orientation have been suspended at UKZN’s Howard College Campus following student protests. 

UKZN suspends registration at Howard campus following fees protests
Sandile Zikhali

More than 300 students, most in political party regalia have called for a complete campus shut down until their grievances are heard.

The protest that erupted earlier today has since died down.

When Newswatch arrived on the campus - a group of students who had tied t-shirts around their faces to conceal their identities – were moving from door-to-door - disrupting registration processes. 

Among the concerns raised are a lack of student funding, and returning students being blocked from registering because they owe the university money, while some postgraduate students haven’t secured a space to continue with their studies.

Newswatch tried speaking to some of the protest leaders - but they refused to comment – nor have their pictures taken.

They’ve told Newswatch that they were informed that registration has been suspended  - to allow management to sit down with the student leadership to discuss their concerns.

The UKZN says it's committed to quickly resolve the issues that led to a protest at its campus today.

During today's protest - some parents and their student children dashed for cover after some sort of bang went off.

This first year Housing Student from Nongoma says he's never been this terrified.


His mother says they were told they should come back tomorrow to continue with the registration.

"They told us all the registration processes would be suspended for today until they sit down with the student commands,"

The institution says registration is expected to continue and they will keep a close eye on the situation.

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