Two suspect killed in Bluff shootout

Two suspects killed in Bluff shootout

Two suspects have been killed in a shootout with police and private security on the Bluff, south of Durban.

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Celumusa Zulu

It's understood officers pursued a group of suspects through Tara Road into Mereban on Thursday afternoon.


A private company was on the scene.


"Security companies also responded. The suspects went to the west, thinking that there was an exit,” the company said in a statement.


"There was gunfire between police and suspects where two suspects were fatally injured, and two were apprehended a short while."


The company says that a pedestrian was knocked down during the chase.


KZN police have confirmed that cases of attempted murder have been opened in connection with the case.


Officials say they'd been tracing a vehicle which they suspected had been used for criminal activities in the area.

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Police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda says the vehicle was spotted on Tara Road.


"With initial investigations revealing that the vehicle was reported hijacked in Malvern earlier this month, police signalled for the vehicle to stop. The occupants of the vehicle decided to defy police's orders and sped off, sparking a high-speed chase which saw a pedestrian sustaining injuries after he was knocked down by the suspect's vehicle."


Netshiunda says during the chase, shots were fired towards the police.


" During the shootout, police vehicle crashed into a railway track and got stuck, but that did not stop the dedicated police officers who pursued the suspects on foot, until the suspect's vehicle came to a standstill after it also crashed. Two unknown suspects were found lying dead outside the vehicle. Police officers were not injured during the shootout and cases of attempted murder of police officers were opened against the suspects."

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