Two pythons, a mamba rescued in parts of KZN

Two pythons, a mamba rescued in parts of KZN

A KwaZulu-Natal professional snake handler has had his hands full - with three rescues in a single day. 

Python rescued in KZN

Nick Evans was called to remove three reptiles in Verulam's Ottawa area; north of Tongaat and in Edendale, Pietermartizburg yesterday. 

In the first incident, Evans captured a 2,5m mamba just outside a home on Cavendish Avenue - in Verulam. 

He says a crowd had already gathered when he arrived there. 

"The snake was hiding behind a large sheet of wood. Everyone gathered there told me - it's a huge mamba. When I moved the wood, I could see that it was a big one. As I grabbed the tail - it turned back and lunged at me. Luckily I was expecting this - I stepped back and managed to pin it down with the tongs."

In Edendale, a two-metre python was found curled up under foliage. Evans says he has a teenager to thank for that rescue.

"It was a big snake - but a small python. It wasn't nearly as healthy as it should have been. A teen had phoned me and kept onlookers away from the snake. He saved that snake's life," he explains. 

In the third incident, an almost 3,5-metre python was removed from a shallow grave north of Tongaat. 

Evan says the reptiles will eventually be released into nature reserves. 

"I'm going to be releasing the black mamba tomorrow or Friday. I'm on my way to the vet to get the pythons veterinary treatment. Hopefully, they will make a full recovery," he adds. 

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