Traffic expected to increase from midday

Traffic expected to increase from midday

The N3 Toll Concession says high traffic volumes of cars travelling out of KZN have died down following a busy weekend.

Cars stuck in traffic
Cars stuck in traffic/ iStock

 It says they saw a peak of about 1700 cars per hour on Sunday and Monday on the route as the festive holiday season has come to an end. 

Spokesperson Thania Dhoogra has urged motorists that are still to travel out to remain alert and patient driving on the route. 

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"The traffic forecast indicates busy conditions during the day with high volumes in excess of 1500 vehicles per hour expected from midday. Weather conditions continue to be reported as misty alongside the route. 

Particularly Van Reenan's Pass. Motorists are urged to please adjust their driving style to the prevailing weather conditions. 

It is important to share the road responsibly by slowing down, maintaining following distances and always keeping headlights turned on, to increase visibility. 

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