Tempers flare as abuse recordings played in Verulam rape trial

Tempers flare as abuse recordings played in Verulam rape trial

The Verulam man accused of sexually abusing his stepdaughter has been quizzed about his apparent lack of emotion when cellphone footage of the abuse was played in the Durban High Court.

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Nushera Soodyal

The 45-year-old man has previously denied recording the videos or that he featured in them.

Senior State Advocate, Cheryl Naidu cross-examined the accused - who was arrested in 2018 - after the girl - who was 11 at the time - spoke up.

Naidu asked the man why he broke down on Monday when was asked about his relationship with the child, but didn't show any emotion when the evidence was played in court last week.


Naidu told the accused she was disgusted by what she saw is in the footage and baffled by his reaction to it given that he claimed to have loved and cared for the girl since she was very young.


She put it to the man that his lack of emotion suggested he had seen the videos before and that he was the person in the footage.


The accused replied that he didn't show emotion because he no longer cared or felt anything for the child.


In a raised voiced, he accused the girl of having betrayed him - saying she left him sitting in prison for the past two years and doesn't have the heart to forgive her for that.

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