Taxi protests cause traffic chaos on Durban roads

Taxi protests cause traffic chaos on Durban roads

On Friday morning, police were forced to remove stationary trucks that blocked both sides of the N3 near the Pavilion. 

Durban Blockade

"The metro police and South African Police are busy with the recovery vehicles removing the trucks as we speak,” Garrith Jamieson from ALS Paramedics told Newswatch in the morning. 


Roads in parts of Durban were affected by taxi and truck blockades.

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It's alleged the truckers' keys were stolen by a group that kicked them out of their vehicles.


Jamieson said a number of roads were affected. 


"The Pinetown-bound carriageway is still obstructed. We are busy removing the truck. The Durban-bound carriageway did open a while ago, but traffic is still at a standstill. 


“We also have reports of the N2 and M7 intersection being blocked by a truck, and I believe at Spaghetti Junction, heading towards the northbound carriageway, has also been blocked by a bus. 


“We are aware in Durban Central there is a burning tyre at Game City. That's Stamford Hill Road and Umgeni Road."


Motorist Wynand Laatz said he was stuck on the N3 for a while.


"The traffic is not moving at all, people are getting out of their vehicles, sitting on their cars, sitting on the floor."


A woman from Morningside said she was also affected. 


"On the way to Durban Magistrate’s Court, all the roads were closed, and the metro police drove past really fast. I think they were heading to where the roads were being closed.


"Once we got there we saw the roads were closed. Police say they don't yet know the reason for the taxi protests. 


"This motorist says he almost crashed his car while driving to Durban on the N3 earlier. 


“The vehicles just stopped in the middle of the roads, and they had no lights on and we almost collided with vehicles. We were scared, we just don't see people parked on the roads for nothing with the lights off." 


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