Suspicious devices found at Durban malls

Suspicious devices found at two popular Durban shopping malls

Two devices have been discovered at two different shopping centres on opposite ends of Durban, today.

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Police say both devices were found inside Woolworths stores but at this stage, they can not confirm a link.
Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane says the first device was found at The Pavilion and the second device, at Gateway.

“Two incidents of fire were reported to the police this morning in two separate malls. The first one was at The Pavillion, where a Woolworths shop was on fire, at about 1.30am. When the police arrived at the scene, they investigated and found a suspicious device that looked like a cellphone,” Zwane says, “Another complaint was received at Gateway, where a Woolworth shop was on fire. Police investigated and found something that looked like a torch with a cellphone”.

Zwane says both devices were removed by the SAPS Explosive Unit, for further investigations. He says both incidents are being investigated as cases of arson at the moment.

Meanwhile, Gateway centre management has also confirmed the incident at its mall and says the authorities and the centre’s operations team were immediately called in to assist.

As a precautionary measure, the store was evacuated but the mall is trading as normal at present.

And the Pavilion's centre management says it has been in consultation with the relevant stakeholders "to ascertain further information about the initial cause (of the fire)" but that investigations are ongoing and it does not have access to additional information.

"What is known at this point, is that the fire was expediently extinguished through the use of two fire extinguishers and an activated sprinkler system," it says in a statement, "(we) wish to further commend the relevant safety and security personnel for  their professional and efficient resolution of this incident".

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