Study to determine J&J vaccine's safety in pregnancy

Study to determine J&J vaccine's safety in pregnancy

A professor heading the investigation into the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine says they're trying to determine the jab's safety and efficacy in pregnancy.

Vaccines arrival second batch

Glenda Gray says they've been working with J&J now that the second batch of its vaccines are en route to districts across the country. 

"We are working together with J&J and we hope to start to invite women who are pregnant who are beyond 18 weeks of gestation to consider to be enrolled into this study."

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Gray says those with compromised immune symptoms due to treatment for diseases like cancer need to make a decision in consultation with their doctors.

"What we will do is we will work with you are your doctors and we will make a decision based on your health, whether or not you should have the J&J vaccine."

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