Striking Fort Napier pathologists given ultimatum

Striking Fort Napier pathologists given ultimatum

The provincial government has warned striking workers at the Fort Napier mortuary to return to work or face disciplinary action and lawsuits. 

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Workers at the Pietermaritzburg facility have been on a go-slow since last month.

It's led to a huge backlog of autopsies - meaning some families haven't been able to bury their loved ones.

It's alleged they're unhappy with a number of issues - including working hours, salary disputes and working conditions. 

The Provincial Executive Council met yesterday to discuss a way forward.

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Cecil Msomi says they've already asked KZN Health to begin carrying out disciplinary measures.

"There are two actions actually that are likely to happen. The employees affected are likely to be arrested for defying the court order. Secondly, the department has been tasked to take disciplinary action against those employees that are involved in the go-slow," Msomi said.

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