Stage 2 load shedding in effect until Wednesday

Stage 2 load shedding in effect until Wednesday

A fragile power system has forced Eskom to implement load shedding in order to manage and replenish emergency generation reserves. 

Eskom Holdings
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Eskom has implemented stage 2 load shedding until Wednesday morning. 

In a statement, Eskom says this is due to additional generation unit losses and the delayed return to service of generators. 

"Load shedding is implemented only as a last resort to protect the national grid. 

"The loss of four additional generation units at Matla, Tutuka, Duvha, and Arnot power stations, exacerbated by the delay in units returning to service at Camden, Matla, Grootvlei, and Tutuka power stations, has unfortunately necessitated the implementation of load shedding."

Eskom adds: "The power system continues to be fragile and Eskom is forced to implement load shedding to manage and replenish emergency generation reserves, on which it has been relying to supply electricity."


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