SRC led anti-rape campaign calls for students' safety

SRC-led anti-rape campaign calls for students' safety

The SRC at the University of KwaZulu-Natal has launched a campaign calling for a safer environment for students - saying rape and rape culture need to end.  

Protests: UKZN Howard College students gather on university lawns
Khatija Nxedlana

SRC president, Kuhlekonke Ntuli. says some measures have been put in place - but that security at residences still needs to be beefed up. She says the awareness should ideally be 365 days long. 

"Currently, we find a rape culture in universities where a lot of young people are vulnerable due to unconducive environment in universities. For example, the issue of accommodation and the issue of funding," she said. 

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Early last year, protests broke out at the university after a drama student was raped by a fellow student on the Pietermaritzburg campus.  

Then in September at the same campus - a student was sexually assaulted - allegedly by police during "Fees Must Fall" protests. That case in still being investigated.  

The university has welcomed the anti-rape campaign. 

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