South Africans feeling the petrol pump pinch

South Africans feeling the petrol pump pinch

South Africans are stressed about the scheduled increase of fuel prices

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The Energy Department on Tuesday confirmed the price of petrol will go up by R2.33 for 95 Unleaded and R2.43 for 93 Unleaded per litre. 


Diesel will cost between R1.07 and R1.10 more a litre from today. 


Unemployed Durban mother Melanie Naidoo, who lives with her disabled child, is among millions already feeling the pinch caused by high food prices.


She says the fuel increase will exacerbate her current situation.

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 "We have one breadwinner in the house, the groceries are not lasting till the end of the month, and the school's fees are not paid. Now we can't even afford to take our children to school. I have a disabled son and I have to travel from Isipingo to town to take him to school and it's R200 a trip. 


"My son cannot walk so I have to carry him, put him in the car and yes I know there are things like the Go! Bus but it takes longer to get the application approved."


She fears she will not be able to cope.


"I'm shaking - I know as a mother how I'm feeling it in this coming month. How does the whole country manage with all of these increases? The president needs to talk to us about what he can do to make our lives a bit better. It's too much."

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