Society calls for dialogue over albinism

Society calls for dialogue over albinism

The Albinism Society of South Africa says there needs to be more dialogue about the genetic condition.

This comes after the dismembered body of a 20-year-old albino woman was found in a shallow grave in Manguzi in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Thandazile Mpunzi had been missing for over a week when three suspects led police to where she'd been buried.

Her bloody clothes were found near the home of a local traditional healer on Friday. 

The Society's National Director Nomasonto Mazibuko says while such cases are uncommon in our country, it is sad that someone has been attacked in such a brutal manner.

"It is very, very disappointing that at this day and age people are still being killed. No body parts can make a person rich in this world and if it was true how many people would have benefited. 

"So, please don't kill us and think you're going to have luck because of our bodies. There's no luck. It's just something that's so sick with our people," she said. 


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