Smoking on the rise as SA’s tobacco laws ‘have not kept up’

Smoking on the rise as SA’s tobacco laws ‘have not kept up’

South Africa's tobacco laws have not kept up with those of international communities, leading to the exploitation of loopholes and resulting in the increased sale and use of tobacco products. 

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This is according to health experts who've convened under the banner "Protect our Next".

They've presented research findings on the effects and trends of tobacco.

It comes as the Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill has been approved by cabinet for submission to Parliament. 

It seeks to introduce more smoking restrictions and regulate e-cigarettes.


Public Health Policy and Development Consultant Zanele Mthembu says the Tobacco Products Control Act of 1993 has only been amended thrice. 

“In the ‘90s, when the initial Act was amended, it (smoking) reduced to about 25%, so it then it reduced further to 18%.

“Today, as we speak the prevalence of tobacco, of smoking, is back up to 29%. The delays that have taken place in adoption this deal has led to the industry benefitting by doing as they please. Infringing the law, exploiting the loopholes.” 

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