Small businesses struggle to gain from the private sector

Small businesses struggle to gain from the private sector

Business Leadership SA says small and big businesses in the country need to work together to rebuild the economy. 


CEO Busisiwe Mavuso says our economy - no doubt - is still in serious trouble.

"The SMMEs in the country will tell you that the biggest pain is not so much excess funding but excess market. the market they are talking about is actually the private sector." 

"It is not going to help me to start a business that is not going to gain the support and the biggest support we require is from the private sector." 

 But there is light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Mavuso says we can get on track for stronger growth.  

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"There is no secret that we are not doing well from the economic. I think when we look at the indicators they are not pointing in the right direction," she says. 

"Unfortunately, the direction of trouble thereof continues to go in the wrong direction. So there is  a lot that South Africa must do to try and turn the situation around."

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