Six killed in Umlazi mass shooting

Six killed in Umlazi mass shooting

Six people have been shot and killed in Umlazi Q section, south of Durban.

Gun and bullets

One other person is believed to be in a critical condition. 

KZN police say they are on a massive manhunt for at least four armed men who are suspected to be behind the mass shooting on Friday night.

The police's Robert Netshiunda said the suspects stormed into a house just before midnight and  shot two people who were inside the house.

"One person was shot inside a backroom whilst the fourth person was shot next to the outside toilet. He was also found with burn wounds. The same suspects reportedly proceeded to an informal settlement which is just few metres away from the first scene and shot three people inside a shack. Two were certified dead at the scene and the other was rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds.”

Netshiunda said preliminary investigations have revealed that one of the suspects, who was leading the other three, demanded his Identity Document from the victims before shooting them.

"It is believed that he was implicated and is wanted by police for another murder in which he allegedly dropped his identity document accidentally, and reports indicate that he believed that one of the deceased were in possession of his identity document," he said.

Authorities say three of the suspects have been identified and a 72-hour mobilization of maximum resources has been activated in search of the suspects.

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