Search and rescue crews who assisted in KZN to return home

Search and rescue crews who assisted in KZN to return home

KZN officers, including K9 units, who haven't been part of the intensive day-to-day search for flood victims, will now join local teams on the ground. 

Search continues for the missing one month on from KZN floods
Nushera Soodyal

That's because police search and rescue personnel - who came to KZN weeks ago to help - are heading back home on Friday.

Warrant Officer Dave Steyn's been facilitating all operations from Virginia Airport, north of Durban. 

"Divers from Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng, the North West had to go back because they had their own flooding and heavy rainfalls in the first week of our operation here. 

"We have a group that will stay behind. The KZN divers, rescuers and K9s will remain behind and continue operations up until the provincial operation command centre and the NatJOINTS decide that it's now time to scale back operations completely."

Steyn says airforce, navy and army members will stay behind to assist. 

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He says operations will continue until a decision's taken to scale back recovery efforts. 

"We especially need to make mention, not only to the members, but to their families - that ones that are left behind, those that have travelled from far also the families of the KZN crew that are working here, the endless hours that they are giving up. Matriarch and patriarchs to come and word here to help everyone else and the surrounding communities and the CPFs and the councillors have assisted in making sure that this is running smoothly. 

"I personally have never seen anything like this and being in the search and rescue unit for well over 20 years, we have dealt with floods from time to time, this is the worst we have come across.” 


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