Scrapping of Grade 10, 11 exams 'work in children's favour'

Scrapping of Grade 10, 11 exams 'work in children's favour'

The KZN Parents' Association has welcomed the decision by Basic Education to do away with common tests or final exams for Grades 10 and 11, this year. 

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Due to COVID-19-related school closures and interruptions, the Department's said it's scrapped the final exams and replaced them with controlled tests. 

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The Association's Vee Gani says with weeks of the academic year lost because of the global pandemic - it wouldn't have been fair to make pupils sit for exams. 

"Writing a common paper would mean that it would have covered the syllabus and it means children that did not go to school and did not cover the syllabus will be at a greater disadvantage. 

"So I think it's going to work in the children's favour that the school conducts these tests so that the kids can write them based on the content that was taught which will make it a little more easier and justifiable for them." 

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